Safari in Africa Cheetah






Frequently asked questions

1. When is the deadline for booking one of our trips?

You can book one of our trips anytime before the trip but it is best to book earlier to ensure a place and to permit us to plan and make arrangements [especially if your trip includes the coast].

2. Are the deposit and fees refundable?

The safari business involves early commitments to staff and significant preparation. As a result, after December 15, the deposit is non refundable. Partial refund of the remainder depends on the timing and it is more likely that you would receive credit towards another trip rather than a refund although that would be assessed on an individual basis..

3. Can I use a credit card in Africa?

Yes indeed you can. Kenya has ATMs throughout now so it is a convenient way to obtain Kenya shillings. When you arrive in Nairobi there is an ATM close by so that you can have some spending money handy. In general, it is best to avoid using banks in Kenya.

4. Do I need to fly out of Vancouver or use a specific airline?

You make your own flight arrangements so you can fly out of anywhere and use any airline that flies to Nairobi. If you contact us, we can make suggestions based on our own experience.

5. Is there a way of contacting home while I am away?

While in Africa, it is often possible to email. Internet cafes are now common and we do have some computer facilities at our compound. We also have cell phones that you can use by topping up a phone card. and It is usually inexpensive to call from Kenya. Phone numbers will be provided so that you can be reached from back home as well.

6. Do I need a mosquito net?

No. You do not need a mosquito net.

7. Do we have to set up our own tents or get water for showers?

No. Our staff does everything for you. You can relax and enjoy the trip.