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Photo Gallery

Every year we bring back amazing photographs of the natural beauty that is East Africa. Below are a selection of these photos that show the diversity of the activities the Safari in Africa Program provides, the magical landscapes, the bountiful wildlife, and the amazing people our participants will encounter on our safaris.

buffalo lion
African buffalo
Lion near the camp
elephant volleyball
Elephants on the Mara Volleyball in the compound
kids on truck mike and jackson with the kids
Young'uns on one of our trucks Mike and Jackson with some of the children
Mombasa african lion
Entering Mombasa Maesy and the lion
kids on safari african waterfalls
Kids on the truck Mike and Jackson with two of the moms
beach bar in Africa cross cultural friends on travel in Africa
Beach Bar at Pinewoods New friends
playing soccer on tour in Africa kids touch tortoise
Making friends Getting to know a tortoise
samburu man families with safari truck
Mike from Samburu Some of the families
a maasai house African and North American kids
Visiting a Maasai house Getting to know the local kids
Carnivore Restaurant Scuba in pool at Pinewoods
At the Carnivore in Nairobi SCUBA in the pool at Pinewoods
ccc ccc
A ball for the school in Masai Mara Our safari convoy
Kenya the dog Watamu
This pup was named "Kenya" after its owner enjoyed our 2011 Explorer program The beach at Watamu
Buffalo checking us out


Primary School Kakamega Rainforest Reserve
Primary School Visit, Kenya
A walk in Kakamega Rainforest, Kenya
Equator Beautiful Maasai dress
Crossing the Equator, Kenya

Colorful Maasai women, Kenya

By the pool Morning Game Drive
Safari 2001, Tiwi Beach, Kenya
Morning game drive, Kenya
nile crocodile Dinner at the Canadian High Commission
Reptilian stare, Nile Crocodile, Kenya
Dinner at the Canadian High Commissioner's Residence, Nairobi
Horseback riding Mt. Elgon Cave
Horseback riding in Laikipia, Kenya
Elephant Caves, Mt. Elgon, Kenya
baby elephant zebra
Lone Elephant, Masai Mara, Kenya Burchell's Zebra, Masai Mara,Kenya
Maasai moran southern ground hornbill
Maasai Moran dancing, Kenya
Southern Ground Hornbill, Masai Mara, Kenya
nile crocodile hippos
Nile Crocodile, Mara River, Kenya
Hippo pool, Mara River, Kenya
ruins at Jumba Fort Jesus
Ruins at Jumba, Kenya
Fort Jesus, Mombasa, Kenya
ruins at Jumba Arare and a chameleon
Ruins at Jumba, Kenya
Arare with a chameleon friend, Tiwi, Kenya
chameleon hyena and pup
Chameleon, Tiwi, Kenya
Hyena and pup, Masai Mara, Kenya

roadside village
Lioness, Masai Mara, Kenya
Roadside village, Kenya
cheetah SCUBA diving
Cheetah, Masai Mara, Kenya
Divers, Indian Ocean, Kenya
elephant Kampala, Uganda
Elephant, Samburu, Kenya
Kampala, Uganda
Giraffe, Nairobi National Park, Kenya