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The Coast and SCUBA diving

Waiting area at the Pinewoods Spa

Setting up for the beach barbeque at Pinewoods Beach Resort and Spa

After your inland safari, why not experience
the Kenya coast?

Join us on the spectacular Kenyan coast staying at the award winning Pinewoods Beach Resort and Spa. A place where you can relax and sun, swim in the pool or participate in water-sports including windsurfing.

Beautiful sand beach, warm water and a fun entertainment program are yours to enjoy at Pinewoods. Excellent food with changing daily themes. You will love the Beach barbecue night!

Combine those features with the amazing coastline of Kenya, rich coral reefs and warm water and you have a great opportunity to top off your safari experience with a beach or underwater adventure.

Waiting area at the Pinewoods Spa

Waiting area at the Pinewoods Spa

The coral reefs of the Indian Ocean are a spectacular training ground for beginning SCUBA divers and a magnificent diving location even for experienced divers looking to perfect their skills. The water is warm at 28 °C or higher and the coral reefs are extensive and diverse.

Whale shark below!

Walk the sand beach, enjoy the shallow water. Or, go snorkeling or diving and observe damselfish, butterfly fish, angelfish, and clownfish in their own underwater world. Soft coral, hard coral, and coralline algae, all form part of the living reef, and act as a backdrop for the activities of the great schools of fish and cryptic invertebrates. If we are lucky, on any given day, we might also see dolphins, turtles and even the massive, but harmless, whale shark drifting silently by.

Lessons in the pool at Pinewoods A diver discovers colourful African fish

Spend relaxing days checking out Kenya’s vacation playground, Diani Beach. Shop for bags, colorful dresses and other clothes right on the beach. Walk and enjoy the beach bars like Ali Barbars on the great expanse of white sand. Shallow water on the shore is bathtub temperature!

Servers at Pinewoods Beach Bar

Servers at Pinewoods Beach Bar


Contact us for more details and prices.

It's all great fun, and we hope you will join us on our coast and ocean adventures.

If you have any questions about the coast, the beach, all of the activities including SCUBA, please email:

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